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Being In A Tractor-trailer Accident

Being In A Tractor-trailer Accident

Personal Injury

Getting into a tractor-trailer accident may be one of the scariest things that will ever happen. If you were a victim in a tractor-trailer accident, you know that you are likely suffering from trauma, pain, and injuries that last much longer than the actual accident. You should not feel that you have no options when you have been in an accident like this. You have the right to file a claim so that you can get fair compensation for everything you have gone through and how the accident will continue to affect you. If you are preparing to work with insurance for your accident, consider speaking with a lawyer first to see how they can help you.

Won’t an insurance agent help me through my claim? 

If you are hoping to get compensation–fair compensation–for your tractor-trailer claim, understand that the person working for the insurance company will not be the one to help you. Not only will an insurance adjuster avoid telling you things that could be helpful to your claim, but they may misrepresent information in order to give you the lowest possible settlement. 

  • The insurance adjuster may make it seem like they are your friend. It is common for an insurance adjuster to try to get you on the phone and make you feel so comfortable that you can tell them anything you need to about the accident. They may say they are looking out for you or that they care about how you are recovering. The truth is, they will say anything to get you to provide them with information.
  • They may make it sound like you are obligated to give a recorded statement. If you give a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster involved in your tractor-trailer case, they will have ammo for their case against you. Any recorded statements you give can be used during the settlement process or during court proceedings. The insurance adjuster will want you to think that you need to give a recorded statement before you can proceed with any kind of settlement, but this is not the case. You can politely decline and say that you would prefer to speak with them through your lawyer.
  • They may insinuate that you can’t reject their offer. When you talk with an insurance adjuster, they may make it sound like you will only get one offer and if you reject that offer you will be out of luck. The truth is, having a lawyer, can help when you need to negotiate an offer. Your lawyer will understand whether an offer you get is fair and whether you should push back through negotiation.

Being in a tractor-trailer accident can leave you physically and emotionally injured. You have the right to compensation after a tractor-trailer accident caused you to become injured in some way. Working with a lawyer can allow you to come to terms with what happened while a lawyer handles any difficulties that may come with your claim. To see how a lawyer can help you with your tractor-trailer case, reach out to an office now.

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