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Truck & Tractor Trailer Crashes

Why a Hackensack Truck Crash Lawyer or a Hackensack Tractor Trailer Crash Lawyer Is a Must-Have   Truck crashes and tractor trailer crashes are on the rise in the United States. According to the Institute for Safter Trucking, truck crash fatalities have increased 47% over the last 10 years. In 2021 ...

Bus Crash

You Need A Hackensack Bus Crash Lawyer  New Jersey passengers injured in bus crashes should talk a Hackensack injury lawyer to know their right to legal compensation.  Our roads in Bergen County and all-over North Jersey are full of buses. According to one study, in 2019, approximately 6,770 were killed in ...

Concussions and Brain Injuries

Retaining a Hackensack Concussion Lawyer After a Crash Car crashes and trucking crashes happen when tons of steel bang into each other. Inside the vehicles are people whose bodies shake around from the impact. Inside their bodies is a brain that shakes inside the skull.  That movement can cause a concussion ...

Birth Injuries and Maternal Morbidity

Finding a Hackensack Birth Injury Lawyer   What happens when one of the most joyously anticipated experiences of life goes tragically wrong? The pain must be unbearable. How do we know? Because we have represented families who have lost a baby or a mother from medical malpractice. Because we have represented ...

How a New Jersey Spine Injury Lawyer Can Assist You

Medical Treatment: Many medical providers do not know how to get paid by insurance when they treat victims of truck crashes. That is why so many doctors simply don’t treat patients who were in a car accident. Your lawyer’s office should be able to help you get to a doctor ...

What is a Spinal Injury, and how might a New Jersey Spinal Injury Lawyer assist you

What is a Spinal Injury, and how might a New Jersey Spinal Injury Lawyer assist you? Picture a lady in a car wearing a seatbelt who is stopped at a traffic light with her foot on the brake. Out of nowhere, a truck rams into the back of the car. ...

The North Pole— or the E/R

Plastic reindeer being strung up, lists for Santa being scrawled out, carols pouring out of the radio… and a trip to the emergency room?! While it’s not on anyone’s holiday wish list, the holidays always see a spike in visits to the E/R, for various reasons. According to USA Today, ...

Hit By An Amazon Delivery Van

You’ve seen them everywhere, in suburban towns and on city streets and most definitely on your own street. You, your neighbors— seemingly everyone— has come to rely on them, for everything from paper towels to groceries to holiday shopping. The bright blue Amazon delivery van with the white Amazon smile ...

5 Tips to Help You Co-Parent This Holiday Season

Christmastime seems to start earlier and earlier, with twinkle lights and toy catalogues and Hallmark movies appearing precisely at the stroke of midnight on October 31st. But now that Santa has appeared at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the turkey’s been eaten and the pie plates have ...

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month 

Domestic Violence Awareness Month— a grim, difficult, and yet incredibly important topic. One we may not like to think about— and yet a topic we ignore at our own peril.  According to the New Jersey State Police’s 2020 Domestic Violence report:  What can we do to try to prevent, decrease ...
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