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Do Not Drive Alone

Do Not Drive Alone

Personal Injury

There are several risks to driving on the road alone. No matter the time of the day or the amount of cars on the road, there is a certain danger in driving alone that you may not have known about, and not only as it pertains to automobile accidents, but as it relates to your physical safety. There are many precautions that can be taken if you are alone on the road so that you avoid danger as much as possible according to a car accident lawyer from our friends at The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch.

Keep driving.

Many people do not know that there are people on the road that will approach you asking for money, or maybe even a ride although they need neither. People use this as a tactic to harm, rob, or kidnap others. No matter how harmless they look, you do not know strangers.

Lights off.

It may seem innocent when you turn on your inside car light to find something that you dropped. But there are prowlers on the streets that look for vulnerable people to make their next victim. When you turn your light on in the car and you are not cautious of your surroundings, you may have made yourself a target to someone who not only has learned that you are in your car alone but also that you have valuables in your car as well.

Change your route.

Nothing is more dangerous than a routine driver. Yes you have your specific way to work that may beat traffic, or is just shorter than any other route. However, your routine can make you an easy target as well. When you take the same routes, go to the same gas stations, and leave at the same times, people can plan around this schedule and you may voluntarily be placing yourself in harm’s way.

Local stations.

With modern day technology, we all love to listen to our own personal music or podcast while in the car. But you do not know what you may be driving into if you do not occasionally listen to your local radio that can announce any nearby dangers that a navigation system cannot provide. You may be driving right into the middle of a criminal situation that has made the news, but you are unaware, and alone.

Pay attention.

There are so many ways to get distracted on the roads. Distractions like other drivers, and your phone, your music, eating, and so many other things can make all of the difference. You may be distracted texting someone back, and forget to lock your doors. Because of this, someone can approach your car, open your door, and steal your car. Paying attention to your surroundings is a huge must when you are alone or with someone on the road. There have been instances where someone has left a public place, got into their car and did not notice they were being followed because they were so distracted driving.

Simply put, if you don’t have to, do not travel alone. There may always be someone watching or waiting to harm you. If you or someone you know has been a victim of an attack while driving alone, the cops are not the only people that need to be involved. Be sure that medical attention is sought out and you speak with a personal injury attorney, there may be some way to be compensated for your injuries.

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