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Concussions and Brain Injuries

Concussions and Brain Injuries

Retaining a Hackensack Concussion Lawyer After a Crash

Car crashes and trucking crashes happen when tons of steel bang into each other. Inside the vehicles are people whose bodies shake around from the impact. Inside their bodies is a brain that shakes inside the skull. 

That movement can cause a concussion which is a serious injury when it does not resolve.

A concussion is a mild form of traumatic brain injury (TBI). The word “mild” is used because the brain injury is not life threatening. But medical doctors know that a concussion injury is a serious injury.

I Don’t Think I Blacked Out but My Head Doesn’t Feel Right after the Crash

The brain sits inside the skull. When the head is hit or suddenly shakes, the brain rattles inside the skull. Some people black out and lose consciousness, some people do not lose consciousness, and some people don’t know if they lost consciousness.

Most concussions do not cause a blackout. However, you can easily suffer a concussion from a crash. Sometimes, it is only weeks or months later that you realize that you have been suffering from cognitive issues since the crash – did you spend most of the week after the crash in your room with the blinds closed during the day and telling people not to bother you— did you try to go to work that one day but had to go home because you were overwhelmed.

What is the Brain and Why it Matters with a Hackensack Car Crash and Hackensack Truck Wreck?

People have more than 6,000 thoughts in a single day. Think of how you react when you see someone walking down the street who looks familiar. Do you say something? Why not? Do you look again or look away? Did a feeling of embarrassment just get activated by another part of the brain? Or did you absolutely recognize the person, say just the right thing, and move on— thank you, brain!

Many injury lawyers only focus on the physical injuries caused in crashes. However, courts are now starting to put fair value on concussions and post-concussion syndrome injuries in lawsuits. That is why it is important to hire a New Jersey brain injury lawyer who has experience litigating cases. 

Treatment & Cure of a Concussion after a Hackensack Car Crash

Not all brain injuries show up on a scan of the brain. Concussions are usually diagnosed based on the complaints of the patient. If you are reading this, you might be a family member or trusted friend of someone who is suffering from post-concussion syndrome and who has not been the same since the crash. It is important to discuss having a consultation with a brain injury lawyer so that we can help maximize the money that will be available down the road to care for your friend or family member. 

Remember, all personal injury lawsuits, including ones that deal with T.B.I., concussions, brain injury, etc. have a timeline around them— a set deadline by the court in which you must file your lawsuit. Don’t delay consulting with a New Jersey concussion lawyer and New Jersey brain injury lawyer.

Consulting with a Hackensack Brain Injury Lawyer 

It will not cost you anything to consult with a Hackensack concussion and brain injury lawyer at our law firm. If you hire our firm, we will only get paid if you recover money in a settlement or from a jury verdict. You can call or email us now to set up a consult over the phone, on Zoom, or in person. It can be done in English or in Spanish. (Para la versión en español de esta página, haga clic aquí.) 

Why Should I Consult with a Hackensack Brain Injury Lawyer?  

You’re going to need help to Move Forward and to adapt to life with a brain injury. A brain injury is potentially life-changing – it can change the way you behave, how you talk to your kids, your ability to function around other people, how you used to do your job, and how you will pay for the future. Your lawyer will fight to recover money— through settlement or trial— that will help you with your life.

How Do I Talk to a Family Member or Friend if I think they may need a Hackensack Brain Injury Lawyer? 

Remember that the family member or friend has suffered and needs your help. They may be in pain, they may be embarrassed, they may— simply put— not be themselves. Be patient and kind when bringing up the subject of a brain injury lawyer. Explain that a consult can be set up in person, by phone, or by zoom. If the person can’t leave the house, we can come visit them. And remember that we offer free personal injury consults. 

What Should I Expect from my Hackensack Concussion Lawyer and Hackensack Brain Injury Lawyer?

You should expect your brain injury lawyer to be compassionate, professional, and experienced. At O’Cathain Law Group our Personal Injury Department lawyers have years of experience with car crashes, bus crashes, truck accidents, slip-and-falls— all sorts of unfortunate accidents that can cause traumatic brain injury, concussions, and post-concussions problems. Our lawyers have settled these cases for money with insurance carriers and taken these cases all the way to a jury for a verdict by trial. (You can read our Verdicts and Settlements page here.)

Why use our Hackensack Concussion and Hackensack Brain Injury Lawyer?

Our personal injury lawyers are supported by an experienced and caring paralegal support staff. Your case will be assigned a dedicated personal injury law paralegal, who will work with you, and keep you up to date on the case. 

Also, you should expect to reach your lawyer when you want to. We’re responsive to our email and have 24/7 live answering: if you call and leave a message, your lawyer or paralegal will receive an email requesting a call back.

Finally, all our personal injury lawyers understand that clients see them for a reason— an accident, an injury, something they need help with to Move Forward. That’s our motto for a reason: we practice it with compassion, and we believe it. We’ll help you. 

Call (201) 488-1161, fill out the intake form, or email a dedicated Personal Injury paralegal to speak with a Hackensack Brain Injury Lawyer at O’Cathain Law Group. 

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