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Appellate Process New Jersey

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Appellate Process New Jersey

Appellate-Process-New-Jersey Father and sonYou didn’t get the child custody arrangement you wanted. In your opinion, the Court did not order enough in alimony to address your needs, you’re unhappy with the parenting schedule when it comes to winter break, or summer break— or both.

There are many various reasons why, after your initial divorce proceedings conclude, you may decide to re-engage with the New Jersey Family Court system and consult with a New Jersey Appellate Lawyer. You’re appealing something the Court decided— because you feel it was decided wrongly or unfairly. Let’s look at why you may decide to consult a New Jersey Appellate Lawyer, how you should proceed, and what it might do for you:

  • Keep an eye on the clock. First and foremost, be aware of the strict Court deadlines for
    filing an appeal or defending against an appeal. Your New Jersey Appellate Lawyer will
    advise you of the timeline for an appeal. Act quickly!
  • Be realistic about your expectations. If you’re consulting with a lawyer— and,
    sometimes, clients may decide to engage a new lawyer who can bring a fresh pair of
    eyes to their issues— you need to speak with them realistically about what you hope to
    achieve. Can you really reset the custody arrangement? Is that amount of alimony
    feasible, given your ex-spouse’s job status? Are you moving too aggressively (or not
    aggressively enough) when fighting for those parenting days? In consultation with a
    New Jersey Appellate Lawyer, you should be honest with them (and yourself) about
    what you hope to gain.
  • Try to see the situation from your ex-spouse or your co-parent’s point-of-view. Of
    course, this is easier written than done. Reengaging the Court, though, takes time and
    resources, and will behoove you to view the scenario from across the negotiating table:
    did your ex-spouse’s promotion or demotion realistically impact his/her earnings that
    significantly? Did your co-parent have a legitimate reason to revise the parenting
    schedule (a grandparent’s funeral, a once-in-a-lifetime vacation)?
  • Don’t be afraid to use the New Jersey appellate process. Appeals exist for a reason, and
    though oftentimes divorce itself is messy, complicated, overly long and sometimes
    costly, you may legitimately feel there’s reason enough to re-engage. Consult with a
    New Jersey Appellate Lawyer: while no one wants the long, protracted, drawn-out
    custody battle we’ve become accustomed to seeing in the movies or on television, if you
    legitimately feel the Court has made a mistake and erred, avail yourself of the process—
    it’s there for a reason.
  • Make sure you’re confident in your New Jersey Appellate Lawyer. Whether he or she is
    the original counsel you had in the divorce proceedings, or you’ve decided to seek new
    counsel, you want to be happy with your choice. What does that mean? You want to
    feel respected, listened to, heard. You want their encouraging though honest and
    educated opinions. If you consult with a New Jersey Appellate Lawyer it likely means not
    everything went the way you wanted in the first place. Make sure you’re comfortable
    with your counsel.

It often strikes clients just how long divorce proceedings can take— and the Appellate process
only adds to that. However, if you have the feeling something could be better, you may owe it
to yourself to try and change it. We’re talking about your money, your time, your family. We’re
here to help you move forward— and sometimes that means taking a breath, reassessing, and
taking a different step in a new direction to ultimately get you where you want to be.
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