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Divorce New Jersey

How A Divorce Lawyer Can Help You

Divorce New Jersey - marriage contract red hear penWe’re getting divorced. Sounds simple, right? While the maxim “No happy ever ended in divorce” rings true, almost 700,000 Americans get divorced each year— between 40% and 50% of the married population.

The truth is, however, there are many different types of divorces, and divorce is rarely simple. When a couple makes the difficult decision to terminate their marriage, both individual’s emotional state may be heightened and precarious. Divorce is not without complications, regrets, and tears.

Let’s look at the many factors in a divorce, and how a New Jersey divorce lawyer can help you.


Obviously the number one priority when a couple decides to divorce is the
child, or children. (If the divorcing couple do not have any dependents together, this
may make the divorce more straightforward.) The children’s emotional state, mental
health, physical well-being, and accustomed lifestyle (i.e., residence, school,
extracurricular activities) are of paramount importance. After all, you’re presumably
going to be co-parenting together for a long time. For more on this, please visit our
pages on Child Custody and Parenting Time and Child Support.


Is the marital home owned jointly? Can one co-parent afford to buy the other
out of the home (and do they want to)? Which car is registered in whose name? What
about savings, stocks, bonds, 529 accounts for college and 401(k) plans for retirement?
All these assets will be taken into consideration in a divorce, and a New Jersey Divorce
Lawyer will help guide you through the division of assets, making sure you receive your
fair share (as well as tackling the issue of alimony). For more on this, please visit our
pages on Division of Property and Preservation of Assets and Equitable Division.

High Assets

Is there a second home, a vacation home, a pied-a-terre? (Or a third
home?) What does the portfolio of the divorcing couple look like? How about the
valuation of a business? If the couple possess what may be termed ‘high assets,’ your
New Jersey Divorce Lawyer may work with a Forensic Accountant and/or a Wealth
Manager, or a team of Financial Advisors, to determine the best way to manage your
assets and their distribution— without compromising their worth in the divorce
proceedings. For more on this, please visit our pages on High Asset Wealth Protection
and High-Income Child Support.


Increasingly the status of the family dog or cat (or parakeet or what have you)
factors into a divorce. As statistics show, most Americans spend over $1,000.00 per year on their pets; this makes sense— your family pet is a member of the family, and ownership and/or visitation rights may be a factor in your divorce. For more on this, please visit our page on Pet Custody.

No one enters a marriage thinking it will end in divorce. At O’Cathain Law Group, though, our
motto is Move Forward. And though it may be hard to believe as you read this right now, there
will come a time when you move forward in your divorce. There may come a time when you
even think of your co-parent or ex-spouse with a rueful sigh or a silly laugh because you’re no
longer angry— everything’s been sorted out and you’ve moved forward. Your New Jersey
Divorce Lawyer is here to assist you in getting to that time.

Reading this and thinking of divorce? Call our offices, fill out the intake form, or email a
dedicated Family Law paralegal to speak with a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer at O’Cathain Law Group.

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