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Post-Judgment Modifications

Post-Judgment Modifications New Jersey

Post-Judgment Modifications New Jersey - ring and broken heart

You’re divorced— but unhappy with the terms of your divorce. A New Jersey Post-Judgment Modification Lawyer May be the Right Lawyer for you.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re divorced. And though it was long, difficult, and maybe even cost more than you initially thought, you’re probably happy you’re divorced. (It’s why our firm motto is Move Forward— you may not even have been the party to first broach the topic of divorce, and yet divorced people are usually happy when they, well… move forward.) 

But what if you’re not happy with the terms of your divorce? What if your circumstances— a new job or the loss of your job— have changed? That’s where a New Jersey Post-Judgment Modification Lawyer may be the right lawyer for you. 

After your divorce case is closed, if you want to change any decision the Court has made, or you yourself agreed to, you’ll need to work with a New Jersey Post-Judgment Modification Lawyer to petition the Court to modify your judgment of divorce. First and foremost, you must prove a substantial change in circumstances. Post-judgment motions encompass many, many aspects of the divorce process, including but not limited to: 

  • Increasing or decreasing child support payments. Did your co-parent just receive a raise? Were you, unfortunately, laid off? How much money you receive or pay out in child support payments may be modified via a post-judgment motion. Did your children’s needs increase? Have you had more children with a new partner? 
  • Taking the children out of the equation, perhaps you pay or receive alimony or spousal support. There are many factors that may change this as time goes on: the spouse receiving support marries or cohabitates with another, you no longer receive child support, and other factors. 
  • Revising custody arrangements and parenting times. Is a co-parent relocating, thus necessitating a restructuring of the custody agreement? Has a co-parent been promoted, and suddenly they have less time to be the custodial parent? Or is a co-parent overwhelmed by dealing with their aging parent? As family dynamics change, so does the time we spend with family. A New Jersey Post-Judgment Modification Lawyer can work with you so your needs, with regards to your children and their parenting, can be addressed. 
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses. Let’s say a child has unexpected, overwhelming, necessary medical expenses. One co-parent may file a motion, so the other co-parent is compelled to pay for some of such expenses or reimburse them. 
  • Relocation of a child. This is one of the thorniest issues of post-judgment matters: let’s say the opportunity arises to take that promotion across the country, or your co-parent wants to move your child to a different state. All roads for the relocation of a child lead through a post-judgment modification, and a New Jersey Post-Judgment Modification Lawyer will need to be in the driver’s seat. 

And so on, and so on… there’s no real end to all the myriad of issues that may arise and need to be addressed after a divorce is seemingly final. (Not what everyone wants to hear, but as divorce is part of life, so long as life goes on, divorce goes on…) And should you be the party who receives a post-judgment modification filed with the Court, of course you’ll need to retain your own New Jersey Post-Judgment Modification Lawyer to respond, to best represent your interests. 

Hopefully your post-divorce life will be long and happy. Our firm’s motto is Move Forward, and that’s precisely what we help clients do— even when moving forward sometimes means dealing with issues we thought were settled, or deciding that the settlement, in this aspect, doesn’t work for us. A New Jersey Post-Judgment Modification Lawyer may be just the right lawyer to help your forward momentum. 

Divorced, and need help with an issue in the settlement? You’ve come to the right place. Call (201) 488-1161, fill out the intake form, or email a dedicated Family Law paralegal to speak with a New Jersey Post-Judgment Modification Lawyer at O’Cathain Law Group.

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